Motor Vehicles Insurance

Motor Vehicle Safety

In Cyprus motor third party insurance is mandatory by law and provides the necessary cover for the liability of the insured and the authorized drivers who are holders of a appropriate driver's license to pay compensation for the death or physical injury of any person or material damage to property.

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Home & Contents Insurance

Under the house insurance policy we can insure the current value of the Building and the content either for all risks including accidental damage or designated risks with cover extensions or any risk. Several House insurance policies also offer cover for the owner of the house.

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Health Insurance / Personal Accident / Travel Insurance

We offer several Healthcare, Personal Accident and Travel Plans, which we can build on your own needs and capabilities, even by extending coverage to non-permanent residents in Cyprus. In some cases, we can also provide coverage for pre-existing conditions.

Third Party Personal Liability

The Third Party Liability Insurance includes the following cases of third party damage related to oversight, negligence or mistake by the insured person himself as an individual or as a family man, including his transport as a pedestrian, passenger in public transport and as a bicycle driver that can cause damage to a third party (Death, Physical Damage, Material Damage).

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Yachts Insurance

Physical dangers, burglary, theft, malicious action and piracy cover for the current value of the vessel, machines, trolley, passenger items of the vessel, as well as Civil Liability in the event of bodily injury / death and / or material damage to third parties. Coverage is offered both in the sea within navigation limits and during decommissioning including lifting and launching.

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Public Liability

According to the definition of Civil Liability as a legal term, this is the case where someone acts by negligence, physical injuries and / or material damage to a third party and is obliged to restore it. The general and broad meaning of this definition does not clearly define the requirements that the individual concerned may put at the expense of the person causing the damage, and it would be wise to set the coverage limit to be related to the turnover of an undertaking.

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Jointly Owned Buildings

Common areas in jointly owned buildings may be subject to any kind of damage, whether that happens because of an earthquake, flooding, leaks or a malicious act. Under Cyprus law, insuring common areas is compulsory for managing committees of blocks of flats and housing complexes.

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Professional Liability Insurance

Under the Professional Liability Insurance policy we provide cover to our policyholders for acts or omissions arising from civil law and individual laws pertaining to each occupation.

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Foreigner’s Medical Insurance & Employer’s liability

Foreigner’s Medical Insurance & Employer’s liability for Domestic assistant or Worker Law 1989 (174/1989)

Both insurance policies are mandatory by Law. Healthcare provides coverage to foreign nationals (country of origin outside the European Union) who are attending, visiting or working in Cyprus in case of in-patient hospitalization (statutory coverage) including transfer of body of the deceased to their country or extra coverage for out-patient expenses e.g. visiting a doctor.

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