Life Insurance / Retirement / Investment / Student Plans

We offer reliable choices in the above after proper needs analysis and selection of the most suitable design for Businesses & Organizations and Business Multi-insurances.


In a constantly changing and unstable environment, ensuring your business is an important necessity in the context of long-term planning.


Having at your disposal flexible, comprehensive and low-cost Plans tailored to your needs, we are able to offer your business the calm and the dynamics that you need to feel confident in your every decision.


Through these plans, cover can be offered against all risks including malicious action and theft, cover for the building, equipment, machinery, stocks and cash of your business. Employer Liability Coverage, Civil Liability & Product Liability, Discontinuance of Business, Liability of Directors and Officers, Employee Dishonesty, Personal Accidents, Goods under Transit at extremely competitive costs.


We also offer partial extensions such as Professional Remuneration, Removal of Ruins, Locating and Access etc.