Public Liability

According to the definition of Civil Liability as a legal term, this is the case where someone acts by negligence, physical injuries and / or material damage to a third party and is obliged to restore it. The general and broad meaning of this definition does not clearly define the requirements that the individual concerned may put at the expense of the person causing the damage, and it would be wise to set the coverage limit to be related to the turnover of an undertaking.

Injured Event or Event is that accidental, unexpected, sudden (but including continuous or repeated exposure to the same damaging circumstances) and contrary to the will of the Insured Event, which occurs during the Insurance Period, results in Loss Third party and leads to the occurrence of the Insurance Risk under the terms of the Insurance Agreement.


Cross-liability extends Third Party Liability Coverage by providing insurance coverage for claims-claims that an insured natural or legal person may incur against another insured natural or legal person in the same Insurance Contract, by way of derogation from the general assumption that insured natural or legal persons can not be considered simultaneously and third parties. According to the usual terms "cross liability", each insured natural or legal person is treated as having a separate liability insurance policy.

It should of course be noted that deliberate actions, that is to say, fraudulent, can not be covered, so the liability insurance policy compensates for personal injuries and material damage caused to a third party by an act or omission and is the result of negligence you or the staff of your business.

The Insurer's obligation to pay damages will only exist if the Insured is held liable by a final judgment which will oblige him to pay damages to the injured party in accordance with the limits set by the insurance contract. However, the Insurer retains the right to make, if it deems it appropriate, compensation and redemption of a claim by an outward settlement prior to any judicial action or decision.

Limits of compensation are defined as Body Losses and Material Losses per Event and as Physical Damages and Material Losses per Insurance Period. Extensions to cover can be offered depending on the nature of each business such as:

Food Poisoning
Fire & Explosion
Assets under the responsibility or control of the insured
Product liability
Coverage of Representatives and Others
Possible Motor Responsibility
Unauthorized Moving Vehicles
Personal Responsibility Abroad
Compensation for attendance in court
Safety and Health-Expenditure
Protection of Personal Data
Advertising Liability
Care, Keeping, Checking

Please note here the term of the Discharge or deductible amount or percentage of the indemnity paid by the Insurer which is borne by the Insured.