Home & Contents Insurance

Under the house insurance policy we can insure the current value of the Building and the content either for all risks including accidental damage or designated risks with cover extensions or any risk. Several House insurance policies also offer cover for the owner of the house.



Basic cover offers insurance protection against loss or damage occurring from the following perils:

  1. Fire
  2. Bush fire
  3. Lightning
  4. Explosion
  5. Smoke
  6. Earthquake
  7. Storm, tempest, flooding
  8. Impact
  9. Bursting of pipes
  10. Aircraft
  11. Strike , riot or civil commotion
  12. Malicious damage
  13. Overflowing of water or oil tank
  14. Falling trees
  15. Burglary through intrusion

Without any additional premium, as long as the buildings are included under the policy, the following expenses are covered arising out of:

  1. Accidental damage to underground services
  2. Accidental damage to glass
  3. Architects and engineers fees
  4. Removal of debris
  5. Relocation expenses
  6. Loss of rent
  7. Detection and access
  8. Homeowners Public Liability

When contents insurance is also included under the policy, damage caused to the following is also covered:

  1. Equipment and machinery situated outdoors
  2. Outbuildings contents
  3. Items belonging to visitors
  4. In temporary transit
  5. Loss of water or fuels
  6. Replacement of locks
  7. Gardens and pathways
  8. Freezer contents
  9. Accidental death inside the home
  10. Public liability (owner’s) towards third parties